CDBG Project Request for Funding Checklist
  • Agency Name, Address, Fax
  • Contact Person, Phone, Email Address
  • Project Name
  • Project Description (Please see recommended project description attached)
    • Project timeline with benchmarks by quarters (based on funds available October 1, 2013)
    • Description of collaboration with other agencies/partners in carrying out project
    • Projected # and demographics of primary beneficiaries and timeliness of benefit occurring
    • Outreach effort planned to stimulate participation by minorities and disabled persons
  • Total Project Cost (Please show all project funds on a proposed budget sheet preferably in a spreadsheet format. Please see attached suggested budget sheet format.)
    • Total CDBG Funds Requested
    • Source(s) of other funds including assurance of receipt and date of availability of funds
    • Identify 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan Goal/Objective(s) being achieved by project, or request a copy from the Department of Community Development
  • National Objectives Achieved: (Select 1 only)
    • Primarily Benefits Low/Moderate Income Persons
    • Eliminates Slum/Blight
    • Addresses an Urgent Need - e.g. unfundable, immediate, and having occurred within last 18 months (such as natural disaster)
  • Briefly describe agency’s background/program experience, personnel capacity, financial capacity, audit requirements, and state whether or not the agency has insurance/bonding/worker’s compensation.
  • Very Important: Briefly describe how you will monitor progress in implementing the program. Attach copies of all data collection tools that will be used to verify achievement of program goals and objectives. Describe who will be responsible for monitoring progress.
  • Please submit 2 copies of your proposal (both unbound) to the City of Cumberland Department of Community Development, City Hall - Lower Level, Cumberland, Maryland, 21502, by February 26, 2013.
  • Detailed information should be provided in bulleted order to allow for a more accurate review of each request. It is recommended that proposals be limited to no more than 5 pages + attachments. If you have any questions, please contact Lee Borror at 301-759-6437 or via email.
CDBG Project Request for Funding Checklist
Recommended Project Description
Briefly describe the proposed project. The narrative should include the need or problem to be addressed in relation to the Consolidated Plan or other community development priorities, as well as the population to be served or the area to benefit. Describe the work to be performed, including the activities to be undertaken or the services to be provided, the goals and objectives, method of approach, and the implementation schedule.

In your project summary, further:
  • Indicate how you will identify clients. Provide an estimate of the number of clients to be served and describe them in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, income level, and other defining characteristics.
  • Be very specific about who will carry out the activities, the location in which they will be carried out, the period over which the activities will be carried out, and the frequency with which the activities will be carried out, and the frequency with which services will be delivered.
  • For service programs, include how you propose to coordinate your services with other community agencies and leverage resources.
  • Describe the site where the program will be implemented. How will clients get to the facility? What efforts will your agency and partners make to promote your program and reach isolated individuals? Describe how the facility complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements regarding accessibility.
Budget Sheet Example
Budgeted Items
CDBG Funding
Other Funding Source*
Other Funding Source*




Project Total
$ $ $ $
* Use as many funding sources as necessary.
** Example only, please use actual budget items of your project.