2015-2019 Consolidated Plan Statutory Program Goals

  • H-1 Increase, maintain and sustain quality affordable housing stock within the City of Cumberland
  • H-2 Increase homeownership opportunities
  • H-3 Perform outreach and education to ensure fair housing opportunities
Homeless & Special Populations
  • HSP-1 Support development of emergency, cold weather, and permanent shelter (s) and supportive services to homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless
  • HSP-2 Increase the supply of supportive housing (structural features and services) to serve at-risk and special needs populations
  • HSP-3 Support programs and services to address needs of homeless and special needs populations including veterans and persons with HIV/AIDS
Economic Development
  • ED-1 Market and Asset Development
  • ED-2 Marketing and Outreach
  • ED-3 Organization and Regulatory
Non-Housing Community Development
  • CD-1 Support maintaining, repairing, replacing and creating infrastructure and public facilities
  • CD-2 Restore and preserve properties and infrastructure
  • CD-3 Maintain and promote quality recreational opportunities and public services necessary to increase the quality of life for area low-mod income residents
  • CD-4 Develop and implement plans and studies that address the goals of the Consolidated Plan
  • CD-5 Reduce the isolation of income groups within areas through spatial de-concentration of housing opportunities for lower income persons and the revitalization of deteriorating neighborhoods
Public Housing
  • PH-1 Improve the quality of assisted housing
  • PH-2 Expand the supply of assisted housing
  • PH-3 Promote self-sufficiency and asset development of assisted households
  • PH-4 Provide improved living environment
  • PH-5 Ensure equal opportunity and affirmatively further fair housing regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability
  • PH-6 To apply for CDBG for improvements