Housing Code / Rentals

Review the Housing Code of Cumberland - Municipal Code, Chapter 5, Article VI.  (Click the link provided at right or bottom).

Residential Rentals

If a residential dwelling unit is to be occupied by someone other than the owner, licensing of the unit as a rental and a housing inspection by the City is required. The current fee is $25 per unit per year. Units occupied by family members or non-rent paying persons are NOT exempt from the licensing and inspection process. The licensing year follows the City's fiscal year of July 1 through June 30.

If the owner is not a resident of Allegany County, Maryland, an agent who lives in Allegany County must be assigned by the owner and an Agent Registration form must be completed.

INSPECTIONS - The unit must be inspected by a City Code Enforcement Officer before a tenant may move in (unless a 'passed' inspection was performed within the previous 12 months). To have a residential rental unit inspected by a City of Cumberland Building and Zoning Officer to assure compliance with the City of Cumberland Municipal Code, Chapter 5, Article VI, Housing, please call Debbie/301-759-6442, Judy/301-759-6456, Rhonda/301-759-6430, or Terri/301-759-6517.

The following must be completed prior to the City's Housing Inspection:
  • The unit must be in move-in condition, vacant, and in compliance with current Housing Code. All utilities must be turned on and MD State Fire Marshall required Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors must be in proper position. 
  • The property owner/agent must have a valid 'passed' State of Maryland Lead Certificate before each new occupant may move in. The State of Maryland requires a yearly registration and this inspection between every occupancy. A copy of the current 'passed' lead inspection certificate, must be presented - or waiver if applicable. No exceptions!
  • At the present time, a fee is not being charged to assure compliance with the housing code; however, if the unit fails the inspection or the Zoning Officer needs to return, a $25 fee will be charged for the re-inspection. Also, if an owner/agent/tenant wants an inspection conducted within a licensed residential dwelling unit, and one is not needed to satisfy the code, a $25 fee will be charged.
Please note: We try to keep the information on this page as up to date as possible, but due to changing code and law it is your responsibility to verify all information. 

Looking to Rent Property in Cumberland?   Call 301-759-0530
Leave a detailed message with the Mountain Maryland Association of Property Owners, Inc. regarding your preferences (e.g. neighborhood preferred, price range, number of bedrooms, etc.) and your contact information. Someone will return your call. Please note that not all rental property owners belong to this organization and the City does not recommend nor disapprove this organization. Information is offered as one way to locate available rental properties.

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