Other Construction

The following items will also be performed throughout the duration of the project:
  • Application of Calcium Chloride: Applied to stone sub-base as necessary to control dust.
  • Relocation of Existing Mailboxes: Both temporary and permanent relocations resulting from construction will be performed so that mail service will not be unduly interrupted.
  • Adjustment of Existing Manhole Frames/Covers: To account for changes in grade elevations.
  • Traffic Maintenance: Interim measures to minimize impacts to existing traffic patterns.
  • Raise Water Valves/Meter Boxes: Performed to account for changes in grade elevations.
  • Incidental Concrete Mix: The contractor will apply this item to reconstruct, repair, or terminate miscellaneous concrete structures affected by the construction.
  • Tree Removal: The contractor will remove any trees that will be affected by the construction.
Relocation of Existing Trees/Shrubs
The contractor will make a single attempt to remove, salvage, and relocate any existing small trees and shrubs located within the public right of way back onto private property. Property owners who do not wish to have removed trees or shrubs relocated must inform the contractor. Please be advised that the contractor will make a good faith attempt to successfully relocate said trees or shrubs. However, the contractor nor the city will be responsible for damage or death to trees or shrubs resulting from the contractor's relocation efforts, as they were inappropriately located within the public right of way.