C3I Investigations

In existence since 1992, the award winning Combined County Criminal Investigation (C3I) Unit was formed as a cooperative agreement between Allegany County law enforcement agencies.

C3I is comprised of experienced investigators from the Cumberland Police Department, Maryland State Police, Allegany County Sheriff’s Office, Frostburg Police Department, Frostburg State University Police, State’s Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The unit is governed by an advisory board.


C3I investigators are assigned to follow up on all serious criminal offenses that occur in Allegany County along with conducting multi-jurisdictional investigations. C3I staffing currently consists of 14 individuals, including:
  • 9 - Investigators
  • 2 - Office Associates
  • 1 - Operations Supervisor
  • 1 - Administrative Supervisor
  • 1 - County Sex Offender Registrar
In 2015, the C3I Unit investigated 1,204 incidents resulting in 245 arrests with an overall closure rate of 92%. The Unit also registers and monitors the 181 Active Sex Offenders in Allegany County. 


The C3I Unit is recognized as the “Crown Jewel” of investigative task forces in the state for the integration and cooperation of law enforcement agencies.

Assigned Cumberland Police Department members are:
  • Detective Cory Beard
  • Detective David Broadwater
  • Detective Matt Shimer
  • Mrs. Leah Brinkman and Mrs. Christine Howard (Provide Secretarial Support to the Unit)