Special Recycling Events

Special recycling events are coordinated with the Allegany County Recycling Office and Solid Waste Management Board. These events include tire recycling, electronics recycling, household hazardous waste collections, etc... These special events are not held on a regular basis, so the City will be providing information here to be inform to Cumberland residents. Additionally, as events are scheduled they will be added to Notify Me and the Main Calendar. For more information please contact the City's Environmental Specialist at 301-759-6604. 

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Date - September 9, 2017 !

This event will be held in partnership with the Allegany County Recycling Office
September 9 * 10 AM - 3 PM * Allegany County Fairgrounds, 11409 Moss Avenue, Cumberland, MD
  • Paint will be $2.00 per container (any size in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER) all kinds accepted. The paint will be adopted by theater companies and other humanitarian projects with the help of Yuck Old Paint LLC.
  • The following items will be accepted for FREE: household chemicals used in cleaning, pesticides, herbicides, hormone-enhanced products, leftover adhesives, tar, driveway repair asphalt, caulking, stains, solvents, aerosol cans, propane, residential smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, hand-held road flares, pool chemicals, batteries, mercury, asbestos, PCB & non-PCB light ballasts, fluorescent tubes, oil, antifreeze, gasoline, etc.
  • The following items ARE NOT ACCEPTED: ammunition, explosives, radioactive materials, prescription medicines, medical or infectious waste, or poisonous gas compounds

While cleaning out... basements, garages and other storage areas isolate household hazardous waste (HHW) and paint products and save them for the collection on September 9, 2017.

Please keep all product in their original containers for the collection event.


Check each product for use instructions.  If you have a use for the product or know someone who could use it, please consider using the product up completely following the manufacturers guidelines.

Purchase only the amount of product that you need for the task at hand.

Consider researching recipes for non-toxic cleaning solutions, weed killers, etc...: white vinegar has a variety of great uses.

2017 Household Hazardous Waste Flyer_
Recycling ideas for items that are not typically accepted in the curbside recycling program:

Please visit here often for special Recycling events!!!