Ongoing Surplus Property Sale

Surplus properties that were not sold through the Round I sealed bid process are being offered for sale on an ongoing basis.  Proposals will be opened and read bi-weekly, or on an as-needed schdule.  Bids for the properties on this page are accepted at any time.

Interested bidders must obtain a bid packet in one of the following ways:

1. Download a copy of the bid packet here.

2. Request one by emailing

3. Request a copy be mailed to you by calling Debbie Helmstetter at 301-759-6442.

Submission/Review of Bids

Completed bid packets may be mailed to the office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 57 N. Liberty Street, Cumberland, MD 21502. The envelope must be maked on the outside "Bid Proposal for City-Owned Property at (and list the address)". Proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Proposals will be opened and read bi-weekly, or on an as-needed schedule determined by the Mayor and City Council. The review committee will make a recommendation for award to the Mayor and City Council based on the merits of the intended use of property, highest bid amount and the responsibility of the bidder.

Property Address Tax ID # SDAT Info Sheet Proposed Use of Lot Property Available
7 Arch Street* 04-009428 SDAT Buildable Lot (with 9 Arch) Immediately
9 Arch Street* 04-047230 SDAT Buildable Lot (with 7 Arch) Immediately
471 Baltimore Avenue* 22-003445 SDAT Adjacent Lot Immediately
319 Columbia Street 05-019141 SDAT Adjacent Lot Immediately
321 Columbia Street 05-019133 SDAT Adjacent Lot Immediately
606 Hill Street 05-020301 SDAT Buildable Lot Immediately
325 Independence Street 05-024617 SDAT Adjacent Lot Immediately
119 Pennsylvania Avenue* 04-026438 SDAT Adjacent Lot Immediately
*This property is located in a district that is eligible for the historic district tax incentive program incentives, even for new construction.  Please contact Kathy McKenney, Historic Planner/Preservation Coordinator, at 301-759-6431 or for more information about this incentive program.

Click on each property below for the aerial view

7 Arch Street

7 and 9 Arch

9 Arch Street

7 and 9 Arch

471 Baltimore Street

471 Baltimore Ave

319 Columbia Street

319-321 Columbia St.

321 Columbia Street

319-321 Columbia St.

606 Hill Street

606 Hill (2)

325 Independence Street

325 Independence St.

119 Pennsylvania Avenue

119 Pennsylvania