The City of Cumberland would like to announce the introduction of ParkMobile, a contactless payment app to pay for parking in various areas within Downtown Cumberland.  Now in use, ParkMobile gives you the ability to park, pay, and extend your parking session, quickly and easily right from your phone.

If you have the ParkMobile app installed already, you need only enter your zone number when you park, there is no need to download anything new.


Those parking downtown can choose to use the ParkMobile app, OR may continue utilizing the parking meters and kiosks.


The app, once installed, can be used in over 4,000 locations across all major cities in North America.

How It Works

  1. Download the App - the ParkMobile app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store as well as by texting “PARK” to 77223
  2. Set up a ParkMobile account within the app 
  3. Park your vehicle
  4. Enter the zone number posted on signs around the parking meter
  5. Select the amount of time you want to park to start your session
  6. Receive alerts when your time is expiring and extend the session, if needed
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The app is available for iOS/Android products. The full-featured ParkMobile app for iOS and Android devices offers more features than the web app.

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