When do I need a permit?

Permits are most likely required for the following items.  Prior to doing any work, be sure to check with the Community Development Department in City Hall for permits and guidance.  You and your contractor are held equally responsible to obtain the proper permits and to verify all information.

  • Commercial and Residential (New and Alteration) Construction
  • Electrical, Plumbing and Utility Work
  • Signs
  • Water Sewer Connection
  • Occupancy Change
  • Demolition
  • Use of Public Right of Way
  • Pools, Porches, Fences, Block or Retaining Walls, Hot Tubs, Sheds, etc.
  • Decks or Patios 
  • Excavations, etc.

Permits may be obtained by applying through the online portal, Citizenserve.

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1. When do I need a permit?
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