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Citizen Survey

  1. Cumberland Police Department Vehicles

  2. Would you like to have an officer contact you to discuss the survey?

  3. Have you called for police services during the past year?

  4. Have you been the victim of a crime during the past year?

  5. Have you had more than 1 contact with a CPD Officer during the past year?

  6. Do you regularly observe Cumberland Police Officers patrolling your neighborhood?

  7. How would you rate the officer's response time?

  8. About how long did it take for the police to respond to your incident, in minutes?

  9. How would you rate the officer's professional demeanor?

  10. How would you rate the officer's knowledge?

  11. How would you rate the help provided?

  12. How would you rate how the officer resolved the situation?

  13. How would you rate the officer's answers to any questions you had about the situation?

  14. How would you rate your contact with the police?

  15. How do you feel about the general safety in your neighborhood?

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