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Public Information Policy

Public Information Policy (4MB)

Public Information Request Form (183 KB)

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Mayor and City Council of Cumberland



The Mayor and City Council of Cumberland adopted a Public Information Policy to address procedures under the Public Information Act for filing and processing requests for the inspection and copying of public records of the City..

The city is dedicated to serving all members of the Cumberland community including residents, visitors, merchants, and media representatives.  All public inquiries will be promptly answered.  

Information requests should be direct to the City Clerk as the "Official Custodian of Public Records."   Team Leaders will been designated in each department of the city for the purpose of receiving and responding to public information requests. (Team Leaders will be listed on the website in the near future.)  The City maintains communication 24 hours a day with, and receives feedback from, the public via the City web site.

Public Information Act Request Forms are available in all City Departments as well as through the web site, and are linked above.  These forms should be completed, signed, and submitted by mail, fax, or email** to:

Margie Eirich
City Clerk
City of Cumberland
P.O. Box 1702
57 North Liberty Street
Cumberland, Maryland 21502
Fax (301) 759-6438

**Please note: Emailed forms require a signature and therefore must be sent as an attachment.