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Utility Billing

Utility billing for the City of Cumberland is the responsibility of the Finance Department's Tax and Utility Division. Most of the City's utility customers receive a quarterly or monthly bill for utility services including water, wastewater, and trash.

The Tax and Utility Department handles billing requests and payments from our customers. 

The links to the left will help you pay your utility bill:

  • Automatic Electronic Utility bill payment - to obtain an application for this service
  • Utility Bill Inquiry/ Bill Payment - to look up your utility balance and pay online via credit card 
  • Payment Locations - to find out the locations of our utility bill collection agencies 


NOTE:  Beginning July 1, 2009, the City of Cumberland will be converting from quarterly utility billing to monthly utility billing.

The city will NO LONGER provide the courtesy POSTCARDS that advised customers that service will be terminated if the account is not paid in full.

The city will NO LONGER provide the RED DOOR TAGS to advise that customer water service will be discontinued.

Utility balances not paid within 45 days from the day the bill was rendered will have service discontinued.  (water shut off)