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Finance Department

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Bay Restoration Fee - Financial Hardship - Exemption

Only Owner Occupied Residential properties will be eligible for the "BRF Financial Hardship Exemption" and can  have BRF Credit of $5.00 applied to their utility bill, each month, for the balance of the exemption year.
An Exemption Year coincides with the Federal Fiscal Year of October 1st of each year thru September 30th of the following year.  There is no retroactive appplication of the BRF Credit.
Applicants can download the Hardship Application below and must submit the application along with supporting documentation that they satisfy at least two (2) of the eligibility criteria.
  • For proof of "Energy Assistance" - they can contact the agency and have energy assistance fax proof directly to the City at 301-759-6444.
  • For proof of "SSI or food stamps", they must provide copy of a current award notification from the Federal agency.
  • For proof of "veterans or social security disability benefits" they must provide a current award notification document from the Federal agency.
  • For proof of "Income Criteria" they must provide a copy of their most recent "Federal Income Tax Return."


City of Cumberland - "Bay Restoration Fee - Financial Hardship Application"  This application can also be obtained from the Tax and Utility Office in City Hall, 57 N. Liberty Street, Cumberland, Maryland 21502, and their contact number is 301-759-6409.

A new application must be submitted each exemption year (October 1st thru September 30th) by September 15th of the exemption year.


Financial Statements and Audits


Single Audit Report for FY 2014


Single Audit Report for FY 2013


Single Audit Report for FY 2012


Single Audit Report for FY 2010


May 2015 Tax Sale - Real Property

The 2015 City Real Property Tax Sale is currently being coordinated with the Allegany County Tax & Utility office.  More information is available at this web page:

Budget Reports

FY 2015 Approved Budgets:

General Fund 2015 Approved Budget

Water Fund 2015 Approved Budget

Sewer Fund 2015 Approved Budget

Trash Fund 2015 Approved Budget

MPA Fund 2015 Approved Budget

DDC Fund 2015 Approved Budget


FY 2014 Approved Budgets:

General Fund 2014 Approved Budget

Water Fund 2014 Approved Budget

Sewer Fund 2014 Approved Budget

Trash Fund 2014 Approved Budget

MPA Fund 2014 Approved Budget

DDC Fund 2014 Approved Budget


FY 2013 Approved Budgets:
General Fund 2013 Approved Budget

Water Fund 2013 Approved Budget

Sewer Fund 2013 Approved Budget

Trash Fund 2013 Approved Budget

MPA Fund 2013 Approved Budget

DDC Fund 2013 Approved Budget

Taxes Outstanding

You may request access to a list of outstanding taxes due by email.  Please use the "Download Taxes Outstanding Files" link to the left of this page or click here.




Utility Rates:


Water, Sewer and Trash Rates as of July 1, 2014

Water, Sewer and Trash Rates as of July 1, 2013

Water, Sewer and Trash Rates as of August 1, 2012

Water, Sewer and Trash Rates as of July 1, 2011

Water, Sewer and Trash Rates as of July 5, 2010

Water, Sewer and Trash Rates as of July 1, 2009