Bay Restoration Fee - Financial Hardship Exemption
Only owner-occupied residential properties will be eligible for the Bay Restoration Fee (BRF) Financial Hardship Exemption and can have BRF Credit of $5 applied to their utility bill, each month, for the balance of the exemption year.

An exemption year coincides with the federal fiscal year of October 1 of each year through September 30 of the following year. There is no retroactive application of the BRF Credit.

Application & Criteria

Applicants can download the Hardship Application (PDF) and must submit the application along with supporting documentation that they satisfy at least 2 of the following eligibility criteria:
  • For proof of energy assistance - Applicants may contact the agency and have energy assistance fax proof directly to the city at 301-759-6444.
  • For proof of SSI or food stamps - Applicants must provide copy of a current award notification from the federal agency.
  • For proof of veterans or social security disability benefits - Applicants must provide a current award notification document from the federal agency.
  • For proof of income criteria - Applicants must provide a copy of their most recent federal income tax return.
The application can also be obtained from the Tax and Utility Office at City Hall.

A new application must be submitted each exemption year (October 1 through September 30) by September 15 of the exemption year.
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