Resolutions Passed in 2016

R2016-01 - Adopting the Amendment of 7/13/15 of Chapter VIII, Economic Development and Revitalization of the City-Wide Element of the City's 2013 Comprehensive Plan.

R2016-02 - Granting the Western MD Scenic Railroad Development Corp. a property tax credit for tax year 2015-2016.
R2016-03 - Supporting Allegany College of MD Foundation's Community Investment Tax Credit Program application.
R2016-04 - Authorizing the issuance and sale of a series of the City's General Obligation Bond Anticipation Notes.
R2016-05 - Declaration of Official Intent regarding Mayor nad City Council of Cumberland's intention to reimburse from proceeds of one or more obligations to be issued by the City prior expenditures made in connection with the CSO Storage Facility project.
R2016-06 - Granting the Cumberland Outdoor Club a property tax credit for the tax year 2016-2017.
R2016-07 - Approving the substantially final form of, and authorizing and directing certain officials of Mayor and City Council of Cumberland to finalize and execute, on behalf of the City, written post-issuance Continuing Disclosure Undertaking Compliance Procedures.
R2016-08 - Approving the application and Receipt of Financing for Community Legacy projects.
R2016-09 - Approving the YMCA of Cumberland MD, Inc.'s Young Adult Center project and supporting the YMCA's application for funding to the MD DHCD's Community Investment Tax Credit Program.
R2016-10 - Granting the Carver Community Center property tax credits for the tax years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.
R2016-11 - (Duplicate of R2016-06) Granting the Outdoor Club Property tax credit for 2016-2017.
R2016-12 - Granting the Western MD Scenic Railroad a property tax credit for 2016-2017.
R2016-13 - Supporting Neighborhood Business Works Program financing to Footer Development, LLC.
R2016-14 - Authorizing Gateway Enterprise Zone tax credits for 2017-2018.