Demolition Assistance Grant


The City of Cumberland’s Community Development Department is pleased to introduce a new 
 Demolition Assistance Grant program in support of our Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative to reduce blight.

This program will be a grant of 50% of the approved demolition costs up to $10,000, for the improvement of a property in the city limits of Cumberland that is uninhabitable in its current condition.  


Interested parties must obtain an application packet from the Community Development Department and submit the application, along with the following documentation:

* A printed page from the MD State Department of Assessment and Taxation website showing the assessed value of the property improvements is under $50,000.  This does not include the land value.

* Interior and Exterior photos to show conditions/state of property

* All invoices/receipts for demolition process

* Proof of available funds for the project

* Insurance for the property must be provided



Seymour St Demo Website


All necessary permits must be obtained from the City.  The property will be subject to both third-party and City inspections, and may require a Historic Preservation Review.  Grant funds will be released when the demolitions are completed, the site has been inspected by the Community Development Office and the property owner submits invoices and before and after photos. 



More information can be obtained by contacting:

Kevin Thacker, Code Compliance Mgr.

301-759-6659 (Office)



City Hall

57 N. Liberty Street

Cumberland, MD 21502

More information can be found in the Grant Application Packet